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Serving Las Vegas &

SOLD OUT for 2015

 We set up pools in Las Vegas in March & April only
We start setting up pools in Phoenix in May

      The pools are rented by the season
  The season is from Spring to the end of               September in Las Vegas 
                 October in Phoenix

               Just a few easy steps
             and you can Rent A Pool

"Thanks Rent a Pool, you didn't just rent us a pool.
You gave my family a fun summer"



"As a single Mom, I can't afford to give my kids a lot.
You gave us an amazing summer full of fun memories"


Step 1 )
Read all of this page, it will answer most or all of your questions

Step 2 )
Pick a pool that fits your needs and your yard .
It's easy, just get out your tape measure.
 If you want, give us a call as you do this. 

Step 3 )
When you've decided that you do want to
Call us to come over and look at your yard and
Reserve a pool now for next year
Just put down a $100(non-refundable ) deposit.
Balance due at pool set up. 

Step 4 )
You pick the set up date.
On that date we will set up your pool.
The balance of the rental is due in full at this time.

Step 5 )
 We set it up and you go swimming

" My Son gets to stay with me each summer.
He looks forward to the pool and so do I "

Rental Package:
comes with
    A 1-horsepower pump, 100 sq. ft. cartridge filter,
      A timer that turns the pump on and off  each day.
   A child-proof flip-up safety ladder, 300 lbs. max
     Vacuum head and hose, pole, brush, and leaf net.
Chlorine floater with 2 start-up tablets.
Pool school on how to care for your swimming pool.
Set-up and take-down is included in the rental price.

Here are the pools
All of the pools are 4' deep
The pools are not junk store or Intex pools

                    The 10'x 18' rectangle $800
                          SOLD OUT
at 5,000  gallons, they are the newest pools.
The 9'x 19' rectangle $800

at 5,000 gallons, this pool is just what a small family or
 small yard needs. These pools are only 3 to 5 years old.
 The 12 x 22' rectangle $800

     at 8,000  gallons, this big fun pool is good for the whole
                       family.They are the oldest pools.
       They WILL show age and could have small drips.

Dimensions and gallons are approximate / prices include all taxes

I accept Cash-Cash only,  no checks

A $200 security & cleaning
           deposit is required.
We take a $200 check, We keep it un-cashed 
when the pool comes back clean,
  and in good shape, I give it back to you.

Water cost and conservation is on our mind too.
 The Cost to fill the pools is about $10 to $20, that's all !
        Evaporation is about $5 to $10 for the season.
   The pool water is recaptured at the end of the season.
    The water goes back to the Water District or into the          water table..

Yard preparation( leveling, cleaning, etc.)
is the responsibility of the customer

If your yard has rocks
you can still have a pool
no need to move the rocks lets talk.

Rental subject to our approval 
                      "STAY COOL - RENT A POOL"tm
* * * * * * WARNING * * * * * 
We need to be on the same team to make this work.
      This is a TEAM sport, we need to help each other.
    We are looking for fun, happy cooperative people. 
          Most pools are used and might have some 
                            sunburn or stains.
   The pumps, filters, plumbing and liners
   could have small drips or leaks that can not be fixed.

                If you are a bossy demanding grouch
                          or not a team player,
                 then renting a pool is not for you.
                               We reserve the right to refuse service


Rent-A-Pool USA

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